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Dispute Resolution Consulting provides conflict resolution services. Our firm takes an approach of working out differences with objectivity and creativity as opposed to adversarial competition. The intent and purpose of this business organization are to raise awareness of dispute resolution through services, training, and education in the surrounding community, as an alternative to hiring and utilizing legal services. 


Dispute Resolution Consulting provides mediation services, or acts as an intervention between conflicting parties, in a professional and non-binding way. This process tends to be flexible and much less formal than legal, binding discussions and in many cases, the parties involved have positive outcomes. Read on to find out more about how our experts can help you.

Non-Binding Arbitration & Negotiations

Non-binding arbitration is when a neutral party is given authority to render a non-binding decision between the opposing parties. This process is less invasive and has shown to have a much more positive result when resolving disputes. Read on to find out more about how our experts can help you.

Training & Workshops

Dispute Resolution Consulting offers training and workshops that benefit you and your company by having the ability to resolve disputes in-house, provide a better working environment when resolution techniques are in practice, and communication is greatly improved. Read on to find out which types of training and workshops we offer.

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