Who We Are

Who We Are

About Dispute Resolution Consulting

Our Mission is communication management with a foundational attitude of respect. A voluntary approach of working it out with objectivity and creativity as opposed to adversarial competition is primary.

The intent and purpose of this business organization is to raise awareness of dispute resolution through services, training, and education in the surrounding community, as an alternative to hiring and utilizing legal services. Our activities will alleviate the strain on the resources of the local judicial system allowing for more pressing issues to be addressed.

Legal solutions are time consuming, where our services are expedient. Mediation is cost effective and saves money for all involved. All areas of dispute are considered – Once the parties are committed, honest and willing to agree and participate voluntarily, conflict can be mitigated.

Dispute Resolution Consulting LLC. is physically located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for your convenient sessions. Real time and virtual meetings can be arranged. Workshops and training are on location. We are networking with new partners, associates, interns, and contractors.

Thomas Grisell
Director / CEO

A native of Connecticut, Thomas Grisell now calls Jackson Hole, Wyoming his home. Mr. Grisell has spent over 15 years in Special Ed, leading to youth corrections, outdoor education, and classroom teaching throughout the United States. After a sabbatical in the country of Panama studying art and music, and culturally connecting with indigenous tribes, he returned to the U.S. to work and becoming involved in Mediation training and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Currently, Mr. Grisell has completed small claims mediations at Driggs and Idaho Falls courthouses. Moreover, his training includes 30 hours of mediation training from the University of Wyoming, and 5 advanced hours from Boise State University. As an interim board member of the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council, and a member of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, Mr. Grisell is now working on the development of a non-profit organization called The Alternative Conflict Management Association. He has most recently completed the Conflict Management Graduate Certification program at the University of Denver.

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